M"Wines made in the tradition of times past"
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We hope that you find this interesting enough to come visit us at our winery.

How we got started:

     We were partners in Mr and Ms Christmas Tree Farm from 1998 to 2002.  We went to the State Christmas Tree Growers Association every year.  At the convention, they had an auction.  We bid on some homemade wine and Mike loved it!  It was sweet and made him feel warm all over.  When we were no longer able to get this wine, Mike decided to try making some of his own.  

     Mike got a recipe from a friend and actually turned out a very good wine the first time!  Lots of people were excited about drinking it from our sprite bottles!  From there on, it was experiment time on our sun porch.  We bought a small stainless steel tank to make more volume of wine, and still could not keep up with the demand of our family and friends.  We asked them if they would buy it if we bottled it and put a cork in it, and they said yes!

     We decided to get out of our partnership with the tree farm and plant a vineyard.  Several years later we started our building and here we are!  We are a new winery, having opened September 23, 2006.  Somewhere along the way, we won a Gold Medal for our Blackberry Grape wine in an amateur International Winemaker contest.

How we got our name!
Mike has bad knees.  He noticed that they did not hurt quite as bad after a glass of our wine!  He would go to sleep and never move all night.  I told him he was having sweet dreams.
 Hence, the name.

 Wines Now Available
Wine Flavor        
Blackberry Grape
Elmwood Blush
Honey Raspberry
Texas Moonlight
Summer Daze
Jalapeno Wine
TX Co Roads Red
Midnight in Texas
Plum Rose'
Pear Wine
Honey Pear

*There is a $4.00 per person charge for wine tasting.

Where to Purchase our wines
Come out to our beautiful country location every Saturday 11am-8pm to select from all 14 of our wines.

Our Blackberry Grape, Muscadine, and Elmwood Blush wine is available at
K.E. Cellars in Tyler's French Quarter

Blackberry Grape and Muscadine wine is available for purchase at Roundhouse Package Store and Harris Food Store in Palestine. Now you can stop by and pick up a bottle any day of the week!

In the Future
We will constantly be developing and trying out new wines.  Be sure to check in from time to time and see the new additions to our selection.  Wine availability depends on seasonal fruit.
Peach Blackberry is now only available by request.
*Announcing a new wine coming soon this fall: Just Peachy*

Winery News
Now Available: Honey Pear is back in stock! It is a really fast seller so come quick and stock up!

With the help of Vortexpure.com we were able to create an NSF certified filter system that for using with our wine production. This means tastier and cleaner wine!

Our winery was recently chosen at the Taste of Palestine as BEST WINE AND SPIRITS

Midnight in Texas has won a bronze in the Texas Lone Star Intl. Competition.
Our Pear wine and Strawberry have won their first awards!!! We received the bronze medal for both wines in the 2009 New York Finger Lakes Int. Wine Competition this month. This is the first award for both wines.

We have a new addition! After two years of growing success, we have found that we need more space. It is still in progress but our first addition is near completion. With your help, hopefully we will need to expand even more!

Without the help of American Sign Letters we wouldn't have such amazing signage out front. There are plenty of ways you can approach building a quality sign but just letting a professional take care of it was the best route for us.

Check out our wine gift baskets for birthday gifts, anniversary, or any other special occasion

We offer a selection of other gift items such as:
Hand quilted lap wraps/throws, baby quilts, handmade wooden bottle stoppers, Alaskan jade jewelry, Winearita mixes, Palestine native artwork, as well as other wine supplies and accessories.
See Our Merchandise page for more information.

We are open every SATURDAY 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

*During the week, hours will vary. If we are there, we are open.
Please call ahead, 903-549-2027

    *See our article in the Palestine Herald Press at http://www.palestineherald.com/local/local_story_139232423.html

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Mike & Sandra Pell