Our Wines                                                                                                                 

     We make old-fashioned type wines. If you like the taste of a good homemade wine, you will enjoy our wines. Currently, we have available 14 flavors with more to come this fall. We have a tasting room with a comfortable couch and two tables and a tasting bar. Also, there is a large covered porch with a view of the vineyard and rose arbor. We have a small vineyard where we grow blackberries and muscadine grapes. A second coverd patio was recently added that makes our total seating for about 50 people.

    When you come visit us, you can taste the wines for a small $4.00 charge per person. If you like one of them, you can purchase a glass for $5.99. If you have a crowd, you might want to buy a chilled or unchilled bottle and enjoy it there, we will provide you with a corkscrew and glasses to drink.  

     In addition to wine, we also offer Wine-A-Rita's (frozen drink made with wine) which is $5.99 a glass. There is also sodas, water, snacks, and sandwiches you may purchase as well. For the holidays we may also offer apple cider, hot chocolate, or mulled wine.  
We now offer a small selection of wine specialty drinks we have come to find quite tasty. This winter we will offer Gluvine. It is a hot, spiced wine made with our mixed berry wine, Summer Daze, and our wassail mix. Perfect for those chilly winter nights!

Our First Wines

Left to right- Wild Mustang Grape Red Wine, Blackberry Grape, Muscadine, Peach Blackberry

      Our wines are sweet and potent made the old fashioned way.

     We use 100% real fruit, 90% of which comes from local East Texas farmers.

     Our thoughts on what makes great wine...

     We only make wine we enjoy, if it doesn't taste good, what's the point?

     We do not use fruit extract, artificial flavors, or food coloring, we use fruit plain and simple....

     We hope you will like our simple wines, made to be enjoyed, not set in a rack for 20 years.

Best With
County Roads Red
Wild Mustang Grape
Muscadine Grape
Blackberry Grape
Blackberry and Concord Grape
Elmwood Blush
Mixed Muscadine Grape
Blue Moon
Bumblebee Kiss
Honey Raspberry
Summer Daze
Mixed Berry
Honey Pear
Honey and Pear
Peach Blackberry
Peach and Blackberry
Plum Rose'
Texas Moonlight
Midnight in Texas
Mustang, Blackberry, Blueberry

First Place in Palestine's Taste of the Town 2009 for Best Wine and Spirits

2009 Wine Competition Awards
Midnight in Texas has won a bronze in the Texas Lone Star Intl. Competition.
Our Pear wine and Strawberry have won their first awards!!! We received the bronze medal for both wines in the 2009 New York Finger Lakes Int. Wine Competition this month. This is the first award for both wines.
Summer Daze has won it's first award! We recently received a silver medal for our mixed berry wine, Summer Daze, in the Florida Grape Growers Association's wine competition. This is our second year to be recognized in the Florida competition and first award of 2009.

2008 Wine Competition Awards
Our Blackberry Grape, gold medal amature winner, won it's first professional silver medal in the Florida Grape Growers Association's 2008 State Fair Intl. Wine competition! This is the first one it has won since we became an official winery so we are extremely pleased. The Blackberry Grape is a favorite with many customers so we were sure it was only a matter of time. See more at:http://www.fgga.org/results/2008/INTERNATIONAL.pdf and in the Palestine Herald Press at: http://www.palestineherald.com/archivesearch/local_story_050032914.html

We also received a Bronze medal for our Blueberry at the Texas Lonestar Intl. wine competition for the second year in a row.

2007 Wine Competition Awards
This summer we have received 3 bronze medals. Two at the Lone Star International wine competition in Grapevine, Texas. It was wonderful to be recognized among all the fine Texas winemakers our first year. We won the bronze for our Blue Moon Blueberry wine and our Wild Mustang Grape Red wine. See results under medal results by winery at http://www.txwines.org/industry/

We received a second bronze medal for the Blue Moon Blueberry wine at the Indy International wine competition at the Indiana State Fair. Look under 2007 commercial wine awards by brand at http://www.indianawines.org/in.gov/awards/

Our Honey Raspberry wine received a Silver Medal in The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition out of  New York. This was our first medal as an official winery. You can go to www.fliwc.com to check out the 2007 competitions results. We are listed with the Silver medal winners under the Honey Wine/Mead category.

2007 Lone Star Intl. Wine Competition

We received two bronze medals (the blue ribbons)
They are our first awards for the Wild Mustang Grape Red wine and Blue Moon Blueberry wine

2007 Silver Medal Winner
Honey Raspberry

Recently we won a Silver medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition out of New York under the Honey Wine/Mead category.

Gold Medal Winner
Blackberry Grape

Before we were a winery, we entered in an international amateur winemaking contest with Winemaker Magazine and received a gold medal for our Blackberry Grape wine.
This was part of our decision to go into the winemaking business. It is our number one best seller!  

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